Tips for Appliances
September 19, 2021

Fridges are dedicated appliances that run every minute of every day and merit some TLC. However, other than getting out rotten food, how much time have you dedicated to refrigerator maintenance this year?

We’ve put together a quick list of recommended maintenance for your refrigerator so you can protect it from premature failure and avoid refrigerator repairs.

1. Check The Door Seals.

A broken seal enables cool air to leak out, lowering efficiency and making your refrigerator work much harder than it needs to. First ensure the seals are free of food buildup. (Clean them about two times per year, using a toothbrush and hot water) Then attempt the dollar test: Close the bill in the entryway with the goal that half is in and half is out. In the event that it slips out easily, you may need the doorway seals checked by an expert.

2. Keep the condenser coils clean.

At the point when the condenser coils are full of residue, the cooler can’t run efficiently. Two times per year, pull the machine from the wall to expose the loops in back, be sure unplug the refrigerator. Finally vacuum the condenser coils with the brush extension on the tip of the vacuum hose.

3. Set the correct temperature.

Keep the refrigerator somewhere in the range of 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the cooler at 0 degrees.

4. Fill It Up

Coolers require “warm mass” (a.k.a. loads of stuff) to keep up low temperatures. Cool sustenances and beverages help retain warm air that streams in when you open the entryway. In case you’re the eat-out sort or your cooler is too huge for your necessities, store a couple of containers of water in there.

5. Be Prepared

In the event that the power goes out, keep the entryways shut and use food from the pantry. An unopened refrigerator will keep food cool for four hours; a cooler will keep up its temperature for 48 hours assuming full and 24 hours if half-full.

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