Are you planning on a new furnace installation or furnace replacement of your old unit? The first step would be to research and select the ideal furnace for your home. Then comes the most critical bit. Find an experienced and reliable HVAC company to install your new furnace.

 While you may consider doing furnace replacement yourself to save money, we can't promise it will end well. Furnace installation is a complex process that requires expertise and experience to achieve efficiency and safety. We recommend that you hire a professional  HVAC service provider for furnace installation. Big City HVAC & Appliance Repair has years of experience installing and repairing home heating systems. Engage our furnace installation services to ensure your furnace runs efficiently in a safe manner.

Types of Furnaces We Install

We offer furnace installation services for all types of furnaces.

Signs It's Time to Replace a Furnace

1.   Uneven Room Temperature

If you notice uneven heating or some rooms are not heated at all, it is time to start thinking about furnace replacement. But before making the call, consider other possible causes.

Check for open doors, windows, or damaged insulation in the affected rooms. Damaged or blocked vents also cause uneven heating. If none of these is the problem, your furnace can no longer serve your heating needs. It's time to call furnace installation services in your area.

2.   Deteriorating Air Quality

Indoor air quality is essential for the family's health and comfort. Compromised air quality affects comfort and may cause allergies and other health complications.

Some telltale signs of deteriorating air quality include dust, soot, rust particles, and humidity.

Clogged ducts are the primary cause of poor air quality. They also cause poor airflow, which compounds the quality problem. Although you can clean clogged ducts, a dirty and rusty system puts you in the fast lane to a furnace replacement.

3.   A Yellowish Pilot Light

The pilot light's color helps you gauge the health of your furnace. Its normal color is blue. As long as it remains blue, you can rest easy and enjoy your heated home. But if the light starts to turn yellow, it is time to consider a home furnace replacement.

Poor ventilation is the most common cause of yellow pilot light. It shows that carbon monoxide is not dissipating adequately. CO poses a health risk and affects the furnace's efficiency. It is best to stop using the furnace and contact heating installation services.

4.   Rising Utility Bills

Rising utility bills indicate that your furnace is running at reduced efficiency. Over time the motors suffer wear and tear, and your furnace has to work harder to maintain the thermostat temperatures.

Worn-out gas valves and burners in a gas furnace can also diminish efficiency, resulting in more gas consumption.

If such inefficiencies continue even after minor repairs, consider gas furnace replacement.

5.   Noisy Furnace

Furnaces make a typical motor humming sound when they start. Unfamiliar noises are a sign there is a problem with your heating system. Squeaking, rattling, and exploding sounds point to loose parts, worn-out parts, or severe mechanical damages.

Hire a heating repair expert to repair and replace worn-out parts. However, note that repairs may only offer a short reprieve. Cracks, leaks, and other structural damages may be more expensive than furnace replacement.

6.   Frequent Repairs

The frequency and cost of furnace repairs increase with your appliances age. Consider a furnace replacement if the repair costs exceed half a new furnace installation price.

Trust the Furnace Installation Experts

HVAC is a substantial investment contributing to your home value. Do not try to cut costs by hiring uncertified furnace installation services. This will not only void your warranty, but some mistakes may warrant removing the furnace and starting afresh.Big City has a reputation for excellent HVAC services. We offer quality furnace installation and replacement services. Call us at (619) 473 2984 for furnace replacement services or book an appointment online.

Why Customers Choose Us
Expert Technicians
Our team has certified and extensively trained technicians who have years of experience in troubleshooting even the most difficult HVAC and appliance problems.
Excellent Service
We do the job right the first time and with a smile on our faces. Only a sterling reputation in providing high-quality solutions of HVAC & Appliance services to our customers.
Fully Insured
Our team is fully insured, licensed and highly trained to do comprehensive repairs. Only affordable upfront prices and a seamless customer experience.
What Our Clients & PARTNERS Have to Say
June 14, 2022

Alex came out as promised when promised and made the repair on our icemaker. I appreciate his prompt and professional service.

June 14, 2022

I walked into a very wet kitchen floor this morning and quickly determined our refrigerator was leaking. I reached out to Big City via Yelp and within 10 min heard back from Val. We discussed a window of time we might meet later today and boom! the technician (Alex T) not only showed up on time but a bit early. He quickly went to work and the problem was solved within 90 minutes. Very efficient & fairly priced

June 9, 2022

I contacted them through Yelp at 9pm and they were the first to respond. Set up an appointment for 10-1 the next day and the technician arrived at 11am. His name was Ozzy and he was very nice, clean-cut, and respectful. Took about 40 minutes to diagnose the problem, get the part from his car, and get the oven working again.

June 3, 2022

My dishwasher has been a stinky nightmare these last few months. The water wasn’t draining, just sitting causing a disgusting smell at least once a week. I finally decided enough was enough and reached out to some appliance companies in my area of San Diego. This company responded quickly and their price estimate was fair. I was able to get s next day appointment at noon. Highly recommend!

May 26, 2022

This company was referred to me by my home warranty carrier. Leo was out the same day to repair my washer that was leaking. Badabing badaboom – fixed!! Professional – clean – knowledgable – great service!! Thank you Leo!!

May 20, 2022

Nick was amazing! He was polite, professional, knowledgeable, and fixed my dryer issue in the one visit which I did not expect! He also gave me some tips and some guidance about keeping my dryer in good shape with proper use. I would highly recommend working with them! Thank you, Nick:)!!

November 28, 2021

I have a 10 year old Kitchenaid Stove that the broiler quit working. Mark from Big City came out and new right away what was wrong. He had the correct parts with him and fixed it quickly. He was very polite, clean and tidy. Would use them again for any appliance repair.

November 3, 2021

Great job! My washer wouldn’t agitate or spin and it had been previously fixed by Best Buy when it was under warranty for the same issue. This time it is fixed and so quiet! I feel like Big City made it better than when a Best Buy fixed it! Thanks to the tech who came this am!! Happily not going to the laundry mat anymore!

November 3, 2021

Both our washer and dryer needed repair at around the same time, so we tried Yelp to get a quote.  It was a Sunday morning and we were pleased that Big City responded within minutes, offering to send a technician to do a diagnostic the same afternoon at a very reasonable price.  Vlad arrived on time and spent an hour with us, thoroughly going over each appliance.

February 27, 2021

Surprised to see a GE range microwave die after a year of home ownership.  Since it matched the other kitchen appliances I figured I’d give repair service a try to avoid having to buy a more expensive non-matching unit. To my further surprise Big City Appliace Repair came out to pull the unit & repaired same day for a low flat fee.  Service tech Mark was professional courteous and fast.  I’d use this team again!  Good luck

February 1, 2021

Very satisfied with their services and customer service! Val didn’t take too long to figure out what the problem was with my 20 y/o fridge. He’s is super knowledgeable! Excellent service. Very professional, did a great job at fixing our stove. The serviceman was awesome!

Heating & Air

From our very first interaction with BigCity, we were impressed. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, friendly and honest. We entertained multiple HVAC companies to perform the services needed but BigCity’s experience was better than anyone else. They did a wonderful job. They are local and and very responsive.

Heating & Air

From our very first interaction with BigCity, we were impressed. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, friendly and honest. We entertained multiple HVAC companies to perform the services needed but BigCity’s experience was better than anyone else. They did a wonderful job. They are local and and very responsive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Included In Furnace Replacement Service?

Furnace replacement services begin with an inspection and quotation development. They include the removal of the old furnace and other system parts that need replacement, as revealed by the inspection. Then comes the new furnace installation, repairs, and changes to the heating system to match the new equipment.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Furnace?

Furnace replacement can cost up to $5500 on average. Furnace replacement cost ranges between $2500 and $6500 depending on the type and size of the appliance.

 Furnace replacement costs may also include building permit costs and fees according to local authority requirements.

When Should You Replace Your Old Furnace?

Do not wait until your furnace can not run to replace it. It will probably break down in the middle of winter when you need it most. Look out for the common warning signs that you need a furnace replacement.

Most furnaces last between 20 and 25 years. But you do not have to wait that long to consider a replacement. After about 15 years of use, you should consider replacing a furnace with frequent problems.

You can always extend your furnace’s lifespan by proper routine maintenance. Maintenance includes cleaning burners and changing filters every year. Consider having a furnace technician inspect and perform furnace tune-ups before winter.

How Long Does Furnace Installation Take?

The average furnace installation takes less than a day. It takes 5 to 10 hours, depending on the size and the complexity of the heating system.

Additions, adjustments, and modifications to match new furnace requirements may take longer.

Does Big City Offer Furnace Replacement Services Outside of San Diego, CA?

Big City HVAC & Appliance Repair serves San Diego residents and surrounding communities with pride and commitment. We offer furnace replacement and installation services in the following areas: San Marcos, Lemon Grove, Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach, Carlsbad, Escondido, Santee, El Cajon, and many more. Call us to know our service areas in San Diego and beyond.

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